Stop Mandatory Vaccination Filed At The Supreme Court

Stop Mandatory Vaccination Filed At The Supreme Court

Download SC petition and annexes here.

A petition to stop mandatory vaccination was filed at the Supreme Court last Thursday, May 13. A press conference in Estancia Mall in Pasig City followed.

Present at the press conference were Attorneys Tanya Lat, Kristin Bello (both from Legal Light Workers PH),  Attorney Aaron Soguilon (Juan Dakila), and Mr. Nick Perlas (principal petitioner in the case). They were led by Dean Pacifico Agabin, former Dean of the UP College of Law, and; a long-time constitutional law professor; specializing in the Bill of Rights.

Snippets From The Press Con

Attorney Tanya Lat: 

Attorney Tanya Kicks off the press conference.

“Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for coming to the press conference in relation to the filing of the case against mandatory vaccination. This case is entitled, Nicanor Perlas et. al. vs. IATF, et. al.

I am Attorney Tanya Lat. I will be your moderator and facilitator for this afternoon’s press conference. With us are the chief petitioner, lead petitioner, Nicanor Perlas of COVID Call to Humanity

He is joined by the members of the legal team led by lead counsel, Dean Pacifico Agabin, Attorney Aaron Soguillon, and Attorney Kristine Bautista-Bello. To start off the press conference, Mr. Perlas will give an overview of his reasons for filing this case.”

Nick Perlas: 

Mr. Nick Perlas, main petitioner explains the reason for filing the case.

“Thank you, Attorney Tanya. Welcome to everybody … we needed to file this case … I come from a scientific background.

It was clear to me that the policies of the government were not based on … science and at the same time, I started noticing, through my conversations with the lawyers, that it was also violating constitutional laws of the Philippines, including international agreements.

So, we really made it a … point to … create this petition to stop the mandatory vaccinations because there is no science that’s behind it … and on top of that, it’s violating a lot of laws.

A lot of Filipinos actually don’t want to get vaccinated. We have been questioning people from all over the country. Most of the reasons they give to us, kung bakit sila nag papabakuna, sinasabi nila napipilitan sila kasi hindi sila maka pag trabaho, hindi sila makapasok sa malls pag hindi sila mag pa bakuna.

So, this is a gross violation of human rights and our constitution … I just want to give one scientific fact which underlines the entire support for the legal argument. Itong mandatory vaccination assumes that the vaccinated is protected. Infection is stopped by the vaccination. It will minimize hospitalization and they do not die. Hindi ka mamatay pag na bakunahan ka. Sinasabi ng DOH, ligtas at epektibo.

In reality, itong mga bakunang ito, first of all, are not really vaccines. They’ve admitted they’re gene therapy, basically, gene altering shots which affect … alter the genetic system of people and they’re very toxic.

Going back on the science on a judicial level, it’s very clear that the vaccines do not stop infection, do not stop transmission, there’s increasing waning of efficacy. There’s such a term as negative efficacy. That is to say that the more boosted you are, the more you’re going to get infected …

Statistics from other countries are showing the most vaccinated are actually most affected … most hospitalized and more deaths. This is across the world and it’s very bizarre that many countries have stopped their rollouts

In the UK , US, and Europe alone official data nila is showing close to 60,000 deaths and 2 million adverse events pag ka tapos sa WHO there’s over 3 million but the DOH keeps on saying ligtas at epektibo.”

Dean Pacifico Agabin:

Seasoned constitutional lawyer, Dean Pacifico Agabin explains why he joined the team.

” I joined the legal team of Attorney Lat and Legal Light Workers because I believe the government has crossed a red line and has committed infractions of human rights on a good number of Filipinos.

You can see from the names of the petitioners in this case. It consists first of doctors and medical experts to prove that COVID vaccination is merely experimental and is a threat to life … so, we have one of the petitioners here, Mr. Arado, who has been victimized as the result of vaccination.

The next set of petitioners are the religious pastors and they are against forced vaccinations because it directly threatens their religious beliefs. They are conscientious objectors to mandatory vaccination.

And then we have the next set of petitioners who are employees of the government and employees of private companies. Why are they filing this case? Because they have been deprived of their employment. While the resolution of the IATF is not supposed to be mandatory vaccination, you have to make a distinction between the black letter of the law and the law on how it actually operates on the ground.

The right to work is … denying work in our society involves really the right to life and so these employees have been deprived of the right to life.  They have also been deprived of the right to property and of course, we have been deprived of the right to liberty. Of course, you know very well, under our constitution, no person may be deprived of the right to life, the right to liberty, and the right to property.

So I joined this team as a constitutional lawyer and of course, as a human rights advocate. And I was just glad to join the team of Nick Perlas here, knowing that he is swimming against the current. Nonetheless, has the moral courage … So, I take off my hats to him.”

Attorney Kristin Bello:

Attorney Ting shares how unconstitutional mandatory vaccination is. At the same time, shares the importance of praying and trusting God.

“I would just like to tell everybody that it was very difficult for us as lawyers as it was difficult for the doctors. Yun mga doctors po sa CDCPH umiikot po ulo nil ana parang exorcist …kasi hindi sila makapaniwala na parang bale wala lahat ng pinagaralan nila ….

All of the established medical principles involved was the same on our part, as lawyers. The constitution is very clear. In plain English kahit grade 5 maiintindihan at mas malinaw pa lalo ang RA 11525.

We were really in shock at how it could be interpreted any other way. So para sa kaalaman nyo lang..hindi po kami mag kakakilala. We all met for the first time, working on this case … It was difficult for us.

It took this long because it was very difficult. We were only literally a handful but we were serving the entire country,  cries for help from the north all the way down to the south.

Sabay pa naming jina juggle yung pag attend po sa pangangailangan nila na immediate at saka pag gawa ng kaso. Pero siguro naman po mapapatawad nyo kami kung makita nyo po ito … (gesturing to the 6-inch tall petition and its annexes).

We promise you we put our blood, sweat, and tears in this case and I’m also here, not only as a lawyer, I’m also here, not only as a Filipino, I am also here as a Christian and manalig po tayo sa Diyos. This entire mandatory vaccination process has been trying to cancel out the human being … we are all made in the image and likeness of God and what this does is to cancel the image of God in us. So that is cancelling God Himself.

So, ipag laban po natin to. Meron pa tayong dignidad simply by being human beings. Wag po tayo matakot. This is a just and righteous cause. Let us not underestimate the power of prayer. Si Jesus po bago binuhay po si Lazarus, nag dasal po muna sya. I believe in the Bible. I believe in the word of God.

“It is not by our might and not by our power but by the power of the Holy Spirit.” God’s throne is built on righteousness and justice. That is what the Bible says. So, let’s believe because God is the only truth. There is no other truth and He is a Just and Holy God and He will right what is wrong.”

Attorney Soguilon: 

Attorney Soguilon explains that mandatory vaccination is everything. It is NOT an isolated case. It is critical to the Filipino population.

“This petition is not a simple issue of vaccination and constitutional rights. This is very telling of how our country will become. Very important tong case na to kasi it tells us that the kind of leaders we have will determine the kind of lives we will live. Na yun mistake nila … will kill many.

Their decisions affect millions of Filipinos. If God permits and we become successful with this petition, we will expose that the government killed Filipinos, and injured thousands of Filipinos. So, we should be ready for that scenario.

Dun sa mga nag sasabi na vaccination issue lang to, this has nothing to do with politics, no. It has everything to do with everything else. Mabigat po tong caso na to kasi nakasalalay dito ang ating nation as a population, population ng mundo pero as Filipinos as well.

Maraming realization with this case … marami satin Filipinos, we don’t even know our constitutional rights. We are abused because we lack the knowledge, the legal knowledge. We do not have any idea about the Bill of Rights. The equal protection of laws of the constitution, our right to life, property, and religion. So, this is telling all those rights.

I am very lucky and I’m very fortunate to be part of this team. It’s very hard to compile this kind of petition and we’re lucky that Sir Nick Perlas has the endurance and stamina to collect all these data. It’s very hard. We are also very lucky to have Dean Agabin.

Our country is personality-based and it’s very important that we have a strong leader in this fight and I think, Dean Agabin has those qualities. Let us pray, as Attorney Ting said, let us pray for this petition. We know this petition has merits, it has very good merits. Only the devil can stop it, but we won’t let it. So, let’s pray for this

This is only the start of the fight. After this, we will see kung meron pa sususnod … pwede pang dumagdag nang dumagdag.”

Overview Of The Petition

Attorney Lat gives an overview of the petition:

“The petition is 156 pages and the annexes are Annex A until triple B. The annexes consist of judicial affidavits from the petitioners. So, as Dean Agabin mentioned, our petitioners include public school teachers, who are under fire for standing up against mandatory vaccinations, and employees of Makati City, both public and private.

We also have religious objectors, we have a pastor from Davao. She is with the Alliance of Filipinos with Free Informed Choice. They are also … with us in this fight.

We also have the doctors of CDCPH, familiar names like Dr. Romeo Quijano who is no stranger to this. He is a veteran of these kinds of petitions and has fought against toxic substances in our agriculture and in our food.

There’s also Dr. Raffy Castillo, who is a long-time columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He has also come under fire for his position that COVID infection gives rise to natural immunity and that natural immunity is even more long-lasting and stronger immunity than the immunity from the vaccines.

One of our witnesses for the petition is Dr. Allan Landrito, who is also with CDCPH. Dr. Landrito has treated more than a hundred thousand patients during the course of this pandemic and saved hundreds of thousands of lives because of Ivermectin, which is one of those remedies, which are being discredited by the DOH, even though countries such as Japan and India have embraced it and have literally saved millions of lives.

Our annexes are 1,082 pages long, complementing the 156 pages of the petition, for almost a total of 1,200 pages. The legal team went through each and every page of that. We know all of our petitioners, we interviewed them, and we know their stories.

We are hopeful that this petition will finally bring to light their stories. We are grateful to the media for being here. As you know we have been cancelled many times. Our press conference at CDCPH last Feb. 2 was flagged by YouTube for violating the community guidelines.

Many members of CDCPH have had their Facebook pages taken down or blocked for 30 days. Mari Kaimo has a shirt na orange na he was in Facebook jail. Members of this team are no strangers to cancellation and we are still continuing the fight.

And Tito Nick Perlas has been cancelled many times. He has been written off by Rappler, for example. He tried to serve the Cease and Desist Order to the government back in October. As early as March 2021, members of CDCPH, together with Nick Perlas, have been going to the government, trying to tell them about the dangers of mandatory vaccination but we have been ignored. Hopefully, we could not be ignored any longer now that this has been brought to the Supreme Court.”

We Stand By The Truth

Attorney Lat’s closing words:

“What is the significance of this case? People have said that the statement that the COVID vaccines are not safe and effective is fake news. They have said that this is disinformation and we are being cancelled because of that.

We challenge that.  All of these statements have been made under oath. All of these have been notarized and the lawyers and the petitioners who have signed these petitions and judicial affidavits can be liable for perjury. If … we are lying, we tell them, charge us with perjury if we are not telling the truth.

WE STAND BY OUR REPUTATIONS. WE STAND BY OUR OATH. When we signed each and every one of these affidavits and the petitions. We, lawyers, have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, to obey the duly constituted authorities and the rules of the law of the land.

We have sworn an oath to protect the Constitution and human rights and we put at stake our professional reputations, our names, and our lives. So, this, as Attorney Ting said, is backed up by not only our blood, sweat, and tears but by our commitment to life, our commitment to liberty, our commitment to the truth.”

You can watch the press conference by clicking the following links below:

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  1. Roneth Alduñar

    Hoping stop the mandatory vaccination
    Those people got bad adverse effect cause of betsin .. thank u to all atty who stand and fighting for every one future 💪
    God Bless🙏

    1. Ivy

      Maraming salamat po sa pag po protekta saming mga mamamayan.Sa totoo lang madami na din amg discriminasyon na nangyari samin tungkol sa bakuna na yan at sa vaccination card.kahit wala kaming symptom pina pa test kami at mina manduhan na mag leave hanggat walang test. .pero ayaw naman mag bigay ng memo ang school head at OIC namin.sana matapos napo ang medical rape na yan…madami akong narurinig sa mga friends ko na masamang epekto ng vaccine na yan.yung isa nakunan buntis 2months.

  2. Julie Ann Delovino

    God bless you CDCPH and Juan Dakila! We’ll continue to pray and support you on this. Hindi natutulog at nagpapabaya ang Diyos.

  3. Donex

    Thank you po sa effort nyo lahat. I might be there with you physically but I am one with you in this fight. Has anyone challenged the IATF resolution 148-B? It was implemented way back last December 1, 2021. But said resolution can only be implemented in areas where there is sufficient supply of vaccines which is to be determined by the NVOC. Up until February 10, 2022, there was no data with regard to sufficiency of vaccine supply and yet the government just proceeded without consideration of the prerequisite of the reso 148-B. Meaning, the government has violated also the IATF resolution 148-B because there was no data on the sufficiency of vaccine supply which is required for the said reso to be implemented. I kept requesting NVOC on this matter and after many follow ups, they released the NVOC advisory dated February 10, 2022 (way too late) on how to determine the sufficiency of vaccine supply. But this advisory cannot be reckoned back to December 1, 2021. So, the government has violated not only the rights and freedom of the citizens who do not wish to get vaccinated but also they violated the resolution itself.

  4. Queen Esther

    Godbless po sa team. sama-sama po tayong magkaisa na manalangin na mapatigil na itong plandemic. Maraming salamat po sa update.

  5. Pacita D. Mallari

    Thank you CDCPH and Juan Dakila, hoping to stop this mandatory vaccination. God bless to all of us who gives importance to the gift of life given to us.

  6. HG

    Also in universities, we can’t join our face to face classes because we’re unvaccinated. I pass a refusal letter from an Atty. but our university take it down. A nurse from our university said they are not accepting any more refusal letters and that they cant do anything about it because it’s CHEDS’s order. I ask the nurse if CHED is more superior than RA 11525, she said yes. I go out in our university confused. May the truth prevail.

  7. ma.nida escomo

    thank you cdc expert doctors and group of attorneys who fight t’ll end,to sir necanor perlas ,juan dakila and attorny aaron soguillon,attorny tanya lat slute you all..we support you ,God bless ,stop mandatory vaccination

  8. Jocelyn Lumaad

    Praying for the SUCCESS of your petitions. It is true and clear that this vaccine is inhumane and unjust. Evil works never succeed! For GOD is so good and great all the time. He never allows His people to be unhappy and damned. This plandemic is the worked of evil conspired by the greed leaders. Let us pray, pray, pray more and more unceasingly for this group striving for the truth and for those people behind this plandemic for their enlightenment and conversion. This is a SPIRITUAL WARFARE hand in hand we will pray together to fight this war. Amen

  9. princess

    We all owe you a great debt of gratitude. God bless, protect and guide you and families always. Ypu have set the bar and we have a guide to follow. Thank you so much God and thank you all……

  10. reynaldo

    maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat.. ang inyong tagumpay ay tagumpay naming naniniwala sa inyo at sa konstitusyon…gabayan nawa kayo ng Diyos…

  11. Priscilla Amos Salazar

    Maraming salamat…CDCPh at Juan Dakila. I’m a 72 y/o retired nurse who opposes the mandatory vaccination. I used IVERMECTIN for my sister, apo, daughter and myself as medicine when we had d omicron variant and still taking it as prophylaxis. Very effective and cheap unlike d vaccines.Will continue praying for CDCPh and Juan Dakila. God is our great healer and protector

  12. Gilteo Dacles capote

    I agree in all the statement stated above.
    We’re only 4 in Deped Lemery, iloilo unvax and exicuted an affiday of resistance submit to the devision office of the schools division of iloilo.

    And the municipality Health offecer of the municipality of Lemery is not signing mediclaim certificates of unboosterized teachers.. et. Al.. sama as the renewal of business permit in the municipality. The health permit will not be signed if you are unvaccinated and if you’re not boostirized

  13. Dominic Alfred Besa

    Thank you so much for this work against this government’s abuse of authority when it comes to our choice of treatment and health. If there is help needed, I can volunteer


    Thank you so much modern HEROES, you give us HOPE and courage to do our part. CUTE-Bohol has just won agains the discriminations, oppressions, threats, violence na nangyayari sa field(schools) na inilatag namin sa aming butihing Gobernador. Sa awa ng Diyos tinawagan niya mismo ang DepEd Central Office ukol dito at sa naka loudspeaker nilang usapan with Esec Revsee Escobido na siya palang naatasan mag finalize ng DepEd Order ukol sa pronouncement ni VP Sarah na NO DISCRIMINATION IN the department, NO MORE submission of RT-PCR or Antigen Test sa Unvaxxed, magihintay nalang daw po ma upload sa DepEd site. Binaha namin ng sulat ang opisina ng SDS at forwarded ito sa Regional Director namin, at sa pakikiisa namin sa ibang groups sa Region VII, hayun naglabas ang RD ng Regional Memo na pwede nang mag handle ng F2F pati kaming unvaxxed …salamat sa Diyos at salamat po sa inyo.


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