EXCESS Death Rates ng Bansa: First Congressional Hearing

EXCESS Death Rates ng Bansa: First Congressional Hearing

The first Congressional hearing on the excess death rates in the Philippines was held on November 14, 2023.

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Hon. Dan Fernandez:[29:21] There was a 267,000 excess deaths nun 2021. This needs an investigation …. Ang excess death natin in 2020,  I think is low below, wala pa tayo excess deaths nun 2020. Unfortunately, nun 2021, suddenly nagkaron po tayo ng spike of excess deaths and in correlation with the start of the rollout of the vaccine ay makita po natin sa data that was submitted to us from people from different sectors of our society. The sudden spike of these excess deaths was reported and …. the documents that was gotten from the PSA. And that’s the reason why we conducted this investigation.

Hon. Dan Fernandez:[31:09] I think it’s time to discuss yun atin pong outcome of these programs. There are some correlations between the excess deaths and at the same time, yun pong rollout ng atin vaccination. But that’s the very point that we need to discuss in this hearing. The questions that are lingering in the minds of our people ay yun pong tinatawag natin na yun po ba ay tunay na nakakaligtas vaccine?

Hon. Dan Fernandez:[32:07] So marami pong questions that are being asked by our people dahil nga po sa sobrang dumaami na mamatay. Even, I, myself …. a lot of my friends …. suddenly , they’re just walking or biking then suddenly they succumb to death. Meron ako mga kapamilya namatay yun mga anak …. and when this was presented to me …. I was somehow a little bit shocked to find out that there was a 267,000 excess deaths that was reported in accordance to the record of PSA.

Hon. Dan Fernandez:[33:50] There were no calamities, walang gera, wala rin po tayo mga iba pang catastrophe, there’s only one intervention and that was the rollout of the vaccine during 2021. The spike of 267,000 happened on the same year.

Hon. Dan Fernandez:[35:14] It’s high time we speak the truth. Otherwise, we will be left behind. People from different parts of the world are discussing this …. Something started harming the Filipino people. Something started harming us, not only us but our mothers and our babies are being killed if there is really a correlation between the spike in deaths and the massive rollout of vaccines that started on March 11, 2021. I would also like to confirm with the FDA because I got this report that according to them as of February 23, 2023 there are 112,000 adverse events following immunization and they have 10, 593 serious and 2, 801 deaths. This is rapidly [inaudible] evidence worldwide that Covid vaccines with bleeding disorders, heart attacks, strokes, cancers, sudden adult deaths, autoimmune conditions, fertility issues, among others for various age groups from infants to 80 plus years old. Nakakgulat po.


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